utcc x pre-IAFT19/20

utcc x pre-IAFT19/20

tactileBOSCH and IAFT present an exhibition of audio visual, sound works, performance art, Installation, photography and prints exploring night culture as social practice and as a meeting place where inhibitions and expectations are deconstructed, revealing a platform for free expression, experimentation, participation and play.


pre-Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo 19/20
18 May 2019 2019年5月18日
Open 4pm
Close 10pm
ーExhibition 4pm – 10pm
ーPerformance 7pm – 10pm
¥1,000 with 1drink
Chateau Koganei Basement シャトー小金井ベースメント
東京都小金井市本町6丁目5-3 B1
B1, Honcho 6-5-3, Koganei-city, Tokyo

Exhibition 4pm – 10pm

tactileBOSCH selected

Sound Art

Dan Wyn Jones

Teddy Hunter


Megan Winstone

Rebbecca Hammet TEMMAH

John Briggs


Sara Christova

Phillipa Brown

Zena Blackwell

Video Art

Megan Broadmeadow

Jason and Becky


Osian Janaer

Ethan Dodd

IAFT selected

Video Art

Sung Nam HAN



In the work Eveadam, a man and a woman stand nude, their surroundings indicative of a school art room. The work questions the relationship between the author and the subject, the people being shot and the person shooting. For some, Eveadam may also make mention of the relationship between human and ‘God’.


timeless video -areas-


The landscapes of Ishinomaki, Onagawa and Kesennuma in Tohoku areas were shot by a video camera which rotated by 360 degrees for about 30 minutes. The images are compressed to 36 seconds in time and cut by one pixel and every frame in time and space. You can watch fragments not only of time of 30 minutes but also of the 360 degrees landscapes in a frame at the same time.




Caesura is a break or a pause in a metric line. One theory of the tragedy says that a caesura exists at the turning point in between catastrophe and catharsis, and induces a big shift in the storyline. This is a work that applies the structure of the tragedy to the modern-contemporary history of men and art in attempt to make today function as a caesura by using some videos of men and women.

Performance 7pm – 10pm

IAFT selected




tactileBOSCH selected

Beth Greenhalgh

Shelley Duvalls

About Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo

In 2009 IAFT was founded, as a reincarnation of “Far East Audio Visual Socialization (FEAVS)”, to shatter the current norm of fixed spaces and audiences; and to discover artists who create new values going beyond the borders of artistic practice. We feature artists who engage in interdisciplinary practice, creating new values that connect people by introducing more dynamic art festivals that reflects contemporary society. Our purpose is to provide new and free perspectives that enrich people with inspiration – expanding the opportunity for the artists to present their works, by introducing experimental and avant-garde art. We aim for both creators and viewers to mutually share their feed back with each other: build the foundation for new art, and rejuvenate the art scene by featuring innovative artists with clear concepts and new visions.

utcc x pre-IAFT19/20 is co-presented by
Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo


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