IAFT16 VIDEO screening for OSMOSIS fest

OSMOSIS fest top

台北 Taipei:
8月21日 (SUN)
Venue:台北台電大樓2樓204視聽室 2F – screening room 204, Taiwan Power Company
13:00 – 15:00 Japan Screening Program [IAFT selection] 上映

高雄 Kaohsiung:
Venue:高雄in89駁二電影院 In 89 PIER-2 CINEMA (C1, C2)
20:00 – 22:30 Taiwan and Japan Screening Program [IAFT selection] 上映


IAFT16 VIDEO screening

IAFT15/16の参加作家を中心にInterdisciplinary Artという観点から選ばれた、よりパワーアップしたラインナップでお届けします。現代アーティストたちの鋭い問いかけに満ちた珠玉の作品です。


Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo is happy to present “IAFT16 VIDEO screening” program that shows the works by the artists who participated in IAFT15/16. These special video works are selected from the point of view of Interdisciplinary Art and full of edgy questions of social issues.




List of artists & works:

1. OKADA Hiroko,EXERCISES, 8min 48sec., 2014
2. HAN Sung Nam, Wearing You, 6min 30sec., 2016
3. WADA Masahiro, KOBU, 20min., 2015
4. NISHIYAMA Shuhei, time strip, 12min., 2016
5. IIMURA Takahiko, MAKING AN AUDIENCE, 12min., 2006/2013

Curated by Sung Nam Han (Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo )






OKADA Hiroko,EXERCISES, 8min 48sec., 2014


Radio exercises are a traditional – Japanese custom, which has been practiced in successive generations since before World War Two. They are a process of movement together to the same choreography, lightly training the muscles and relaxing the body, with the aim of maintaining good health. They are still broadcast daily on the radio and form a compulsory part of the education process. The film work “EXERCISES” takes the image of fictional radio exercises aimed at surviving stressed society, and in so doing it evokes the particular psychology of contemporary Japanese people.
Are the exercises a way to reduce psychological stress, or do the actions themselves symbolize a stressed society?


Wearing you1
HAN Sung Nam, Wearing You, 6min 30sec., 2016

2015年9月に行われたアートパフォーマンス「あなたを纏う:Bar Drama vol.4」の中から、俳優の動き、声、身体等にフォーカスし再構成した映像作品。

“Wearing You:Bar Drama vol.4” was performed as multimedia audio visual art performance in September 2015. It is edited and mixed to focus on performer’s details such as behavior, voice, body etc. and then reborn a new video art work.

WADA Masahiro, KOBU, 20min., 2015


I am inspired by Japanese folklore called “Kobutori Jiisan” (The old man who got rid of his lump) to create this work. This film is shown as a part of installation work, and audience could get free massage during exhibition.



NISHIYAMA Shuhei, timeStrip, 12min., 2016

To record time itself. It isn’t an objective record of phenomenon but a record having a variable length of time because a person
who sees the work enters into the video.


IIMURA Takahiko, MAKING AN AUDIENCE, 12min., 2006/2013


A performer stands with his back turned to the camera. He begins to speak to a shadow image of himself projected on the screen. Playing a double role; that is, a spectator and a performer – he discovers ‘the other’ within his own shadow. Besides him, he hears the voice of a female spectator – not shown in the image.
This work recreates the space of cinema mediated by images, by deconstructing the structure of a spectator/performer, and a viewer/viewed in the theatrical space.