IAFT16 Art Performance for OSMOSIS fest

OSMOSIS fest  han

台北 Taipei:
8月20日 (SAT)
Venue:台北思劇場 Thinkers’ Theatre
19:30 – 22:30
Japan:Sung Nam Han, Cast:陳考齋(台) [IAFT selection] パフォーマンス and more

高雄 Kaohsiung:
16:00 – 18:00
Sung Nam Han, Cast:黃奕豪(台) [IAFT selection] パフォーマンス and more


About playing the role of a human 人間を演じるということについて


韓成南はこれまでにBAR DRAMAシリーズなど、現実空間にキャストと映像を並列に出現させ、リアルタイムに情報を編集するような映像的演出スタイルと、その情報密度の濃さとが、情報化された現代社会を映し出す、新たな形式のパフォーマンスとして、高く評価されてきました。

“Bar Drama” is a Sung Nam HAN’s new method of art performance which is held real bar counter and cafe space. It is combined various elements such as video, dance and drama to be dynamic art performance in a novel way. It has been highly reputed because of reflecting the modern society; those performances appear visual sensations and the depth of density information in a real time and place. Different media combined as multi-layered, inserted the video monitor in real space which projects invisible man and a woman’s emotions and life.

Han has created a unique performance style, where all in real time, she directs her cast in parallel with moving images as she simultaneously edits the scenes. Her work is characterized by the high density of information that portrays the overload of information in today’s society.
Han will present an audiovisual installation uncategorizable as theatre, film or performance. In multiple languages, she poses questions on the validity of history and human life.
This work is a radical recreation of her performance presented during the OSMOSIS fest in Taiwan in August 2016.

“酒吧戲劇”是Sung Nam HAN新的藝術表演方式,且是真正的在吧台和咖啡廳空間演出。它結合了各種元素,例如錄像、舞蹈和戲劇,以一種新的方式去呈現出強而有力的藝術表演。



韓 成南 Sung Nam HAN [Audio Visual Artist]

Audio Visual Artist and Director of the Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo, Sung Nam Han makes work with a semiological approach to language, color, sound and image and often employing abrupt visual effects. Han’s practice expands from video works, to installations and art performances, exploring the social code of human/sex/religion.Her activity ranges from video works, installations to art performances. A lot of works has been shown in domestic & international such as Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, Seoul New Media Festival [Media Artist prize], Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival, International Film Festival Detmold.

She organizes ‘audio visual festival’ which held in the first time in Asia named Far East Audio Visual Socialization.

出生日本神戶,影音藝術家兼策展人,她以研究語言、顏色、聲音和圖像等符號學方法創作影像與藝術作品且經常運用出乎意料的視覺效果。在實踐錄像、裝置到表演藝術中的擴展,探索一種關於人類/ 性 / 宗教的社會規範。她活躍的領域範圍從錄像、裝置到表演藝術。許多的作品在日本與國際各大藝術節發表,例如:EXIS首爾實驗電影與錄像藝術節、瑞士洛桑地下電影與音樂節、德國代特莫爾德影展、榮獲首爾新媒體節-媒體藝術家獎等。她也曾舉辦名為”遠東音像社會化”藝術展為亞洲第一個以音像Audio Visual命題的藝術節。